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The Company specializes in the export of different  types  of organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as chemicals. 

About us

Fertart is an independent multi-commodity merchant and logistic house located in Singapore. Responsibility is core of our culture. We are committed to doing business with integrity and excellence to win and retain trust of our clients and business partners. Being both a buyer and a seller, Fertart enjoys a wide-angle overview of logistics and analytics contributing to well-informed decisions in trading for the benefit of our customers. We highly value relationships we built and together with our partners work on the best long-term solutions, which are the pillars of success.


Fertart helps make trade happen by bringing commodities from where they are in large excess to where they are needed the most by road, rail, river and sea, safely and efficiently. We are focused on MOP and Sulphur trading, transportation, storage and distribution, treating other commodity trading as opportunist side line.


Our trading activities are supported by strategic infrastructure and logistic capacities in China and SEA as well as Latin America. We deliver the cargo on time, in proper quality and in a way convenient for the customer. We provide an independent inspection of our products and provide the necessary reports.





Cooperation with Fertart gives you competitive advantages, optimizes the logistics costs, and mitigates the risks of doing business abroad. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.